Sacha Korn 2020

1975 Born in Potsdam, near Berlin
School, getting drunk etc...
1997 Business Studies
1999 After receiving scholarship for LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy), then MIT brakup Business Studies.
2001 Two further semester at Modern Music school in Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt.
2002 First record deal at Russian Label Soyuz.
countless gigs between Texas and Teltow ;-)
2005 first releases in China, Korea and Taiwan.
2006 Two songs appear at X-Box game.
  First gigs in China and US eastcoast.
2009 Back in Germany, NOKOUT gets released.
2010 Final band members get together: Ludwig (drums) und Georg (bass).
2011 Three songs appear on Give Awy CD of a right wing party. Musical rights were given by North American Management.
  Circumstances of such license deal ignored by German maintream Media. Despite Sacha Korn explanation of situation Interviews, cooperations & concerts got conceld.
  promoter, business partner, family members get threatened.
  EP DEVIATIONIST gets released. At the same year the album come sout: WIE LANGE NOCH
  further planned concerts get canceled-promoters get threatened.
  Sacha Korn appears at report of Protection Of The Constitution. This department asserts Sacha Korn performed during a right wing party near Berlin. Sacha Korn did not even play any other shows that particular date. Department of Protection Of The Constitution refuses to cancel report included Korns affirmed concert. Korns lawyer brings in action against Department of Protection Of The Constitution. Administratin Court demands Department of Protection Of The Constitution to delete Sacha Korn from their report. Department of Protection Of The Constitution does not follow Adminsitration Courts advise. Korns lawyer brings in action again. After more than 12 month Department of Protection Of The Constitution finaly decalres to delelte his name from their report.
2012 Georg leaves the Band. Achim comes in with a blue bass.
  In August DAS LIED DER DEUTSCHEN German Anthem gets released. Distributor are not putting the record on sale after recieving massive anonym attacks. EP sales out two times within a few weeks. If were listed at distributors this EP would have gone into Top 5 of Album selling charts, perhaps even higher.
2012/13 Recordings to Third album.
2013 First single from Third album gets released.